Question: Does the vehicle have to cross the block?

Answer: Yes

 Question: Can the public buy cars at our auction?

Answer: No

Question: Can I bring a guest to the auction?

Answer: We are a Dealer Only Auto Auction.

Question: Can I bring my children to the auction?

Answer: No. No minors allowed.

Question: Where can I get a run list?

Answer: Online "Pre-sale listing" with authorized username and password

Question: Are market reports online?

Answer: Yes. Click on "Post-Sale Results"

Question: When do I pay for my purchases?

Answer: The day of sale.

Question: Can I get either weekly run lists faxed or emailed to me?

Answer: Yes, ask anyone of our staff members to add you to either list.

Question: What is the time limit for an IF?

Answer: 24 Hours

Question: How long does a buyer have to arbitrate a car?

Answer:  Sale day only.    

               Frame Damage is 7 days.

Question: How long does a seller have to turn in a title?

Answer:  4 weeks, unless announced otherwise.

Question: Left Hand turn signal on, means what?

Answer: The vehicle is running

Question: Hazard lights on, means what?

Answer:  Vehicle is a stick shift and is a guide only. No arbitration for manual transmission

Question: The hood up on a car, means what?

Answer: Vehicle needs a jump

Question: Gas cap open on a car, means what?

Answer:  Vehicle needs gas

Question: The trunk open on a car, means what?

Answer:  One of the tires needs air before the vehicle moves.