We are running digital only weekly sales every Thursday!

We are a 5 lane sale on 35 acres paved!

On-Site "Test Track "and separate reconditioning facility located on site at GMAA in the City of Milwaukee.


Please note that GMAA is a "Compliant Friendly" auction, with a comprehensive compliance policy and ongoing training.  GMAA complies with:

  • All State and Federal Consumer Protection Statutes and Agencies
  • Personal Propery and Vehicle Security
  • Ongoing training for all employees in contact with consumers
  • Business Continuity
  • For more information contact GMAA Fleet Manager: Drew Hoenecke | drew@gmaa.com | 262-365-3500

GMAA Arbitration Policy

All arbitrations are governed by the NAAA arbitration policy for both in lane and online purchases.  No structural arbitration for any vehicles sold under $2000